Why the Czech Republic?

To kick off my new blog chronicling my experiences and time in the Czech Republic I know that many people will have questions about my decision. Even for me I can see how it looks weird that after a year in Africa I am now heading to an entire other continent. Before I get into my reasons for choosing to go to Europe I want to make one thing clear: Africa is still very much in my heart. I will always have a great interest in the continent and I am willing to entertain the possiblity of returning to do missions work there sometime in the future.

Now, here are my reasons for going to the Czech Republic:

1: 59% Of Czechs are atheists. This is a brutal statistic to me but here is why its important. This year during the internship I became convinced that atheists are exactly the type of people God meant for me to reach. My interest in apolegetics, my enjoyment in discussing spiritual things, and my college education all lead me to be convinced that I will be effective in engaging atheist students in spiritual disscussions.

2: As a history major in college, I believe that teaching will be the perfect opportunity right now to build relationships with youth in the Czech Republic. While I could see myself being with TeachOverseas.org for 3-5 years, I have to recommit each year and so this gives me a great way to see if teaching is truly for me long term.

3: This opportunity is partial tent-making. That is, I will get a national teacher’s paycheck for my work. While this will cover basic living expenses like food I still need to raise a significant amount of support to cover start-up and other yearly expenses. I really like this set up because while I will still rely on a team of prayer partners and supporters I will be able to have my own paycheck that will give me freedom to live off of and to utilize as I wish.

4: My internship with Thrive was a temporary commitment to grow myself and to help out and work for the ministry. No one who does it is obligated to stay with Thrive, let alone in Africa. I should say that this internship year is intimately connected with my decision to come to Europe. One wouldn’t happen without the other. I am so thankful for all Thrive did for me and for giving me the chance to live and do ministry in Africa for a year, a place I always wanted to go. Now I can move forward with confidence as well as Thrive’s blessing. Again, I am thankful.

So that, very simply, is why I am going to the Czech Republic. I could go on but that sums up things pretty well. I won’t be adding to this blog for a while since I won’t be overseas for a while so feel free to comment, ask questions, or email me. I would love to talk to you more about my year coming up.

Peace and Blessings.