I wasn’t planning on adding to this blog for a while, mainly because I didn’t think I would have many updates for a while. But the first week I was back here in the states I got inspired and I think it is important and worthwhile to share these moments when they happen because in many ways they are the tool God uses I think to keep us going for him.

Some background. In mid-November my church had their annual global awareness week. A bunch of the missionaries and partners we support came to visit Grace to give talks and such and the church went on a missions binge if you will for a week.

I get back a few weeks later and go to my church’s young adult ministry. It went ok but after I leave I walk downstairs into the main lobby of my church and see something awesome: A giant map of the world. Now I am a self-admitted huge geography nerd and I love maps just because but this map had something else to it. Spread out across the map it had a small picture of every missionary or organization Grace partners with. There were pictures all over the map in every continent and major area of the world. It was truly inspiring.

But the first thing I thought when I looked at the map was that one day I would have my picture on that wall. Maybe not this year and maybe not the next but some day I would be on that wall. That is firmly set on my heart and that moment standing there was inspiring.


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