So this blog is supposed to be about the Czech Republic and my prep to get there but I just had a big highlight in my life and wanted to share it with others.

On Sunday I successfully completed my first marathon at Walt Disney World (for those keeping score I’m 1 for 1). I ran 3:07:34 which was 3 minutes better than my goal time of 3:10:59 which would allow me to qualify and run the Boston Marathon in April. I did this race to qualify for Boston, a race I’ve grown up watching and since I started running, dreamed about completing. It is so totally awesome.

I finished 133rd overall out of 14,940 finishers. Disney is more of a fun, entertaining marathon than a competitive one like Boston and they did not disappoint. I got to run through all 4 major Disney parks, seeing Disney characters all the way. I ran through Cinderella’s castle and saw Cinderella and the fairy Godmother while I did it. I felt really good until the last 5 or 6 miles when my legs tightened up a bit, though I still finished strong. I paced myself exactly how I wanted running my second 10 miles faster than my first 10 miles. (By the way, for any non-runners out there, a marathon is ALWAYS 26.2 miles, a half-marathon 13.1 miles).

One funny story from the race will give you an idea of what the disney marathon is about. For the first half of the race there was a small middle-aged man running near me. He ran at a very excited quick clip. Nothing too odd about that, but this male runner was wearing a minnie costume. With Spandex underneath. And he stopped to take pictures with every character. And he kept up my pace for the first half. Pretty funny…

Anyway this was a huge accomplishment for me, the cumilnation of over 20 weeks of training in South Africa and here. Thanks to all my family and intern friends who saw me at the finish or wished me well from abroad. You were all great.



4 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. seriously so proud of you. and wish i could’ve been part of your live-and-in-person cheering squad.

    133rd out of 14,40?! let the weight of that sink in. ya done good, peirce! ya done good!

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