Disclaimer: I realize that when one writes excitedly about religion they can sound absurdly holy. Please understand that no matter how excited I may get about my faith at times, I am decidedly normal and as sinful as anyone else. We all need Jesus equally. Please keep this in mind for any future entries.

I’ve been home about two months and haven’t wrriten many entries. Here’s another.

I went to church on Sunday. And it was good. A lot of people often question the whole neccesity of church. Can’t you be a christian without going to a “special” building once a week? Isn’t it all about your own “personal” relationship with God? I have to admit there have been many sundays where I have questioned the whole getting up before ten thing myself.

I can’t (and don’t want to) get into the whole historical and theological idea behind church but here’s what I got. I often find church to be tremendously refreshing compared to the stuff that generally goes on in one’s life throughout a whole week in this world. This first hit home to me in college where after a week of training, classes, tests, stress and secularism I could spend an hour with people who had higher priorities and who were really nice. After my time at church I would feel better about the rest of the day.

Church this past Sunday was really good too. The worship was really good and that’s saying a lot for a person who prefers the sermons in general. The sermon was great too. My pastor gave a solid biblical message and even challenged the congregation in a way that I’m sure ruffled a few feathers. He didn’t say anything heretical or make us feel guilty he just sought to hold us as a body of Christ to a lofty standard we had set for ourselves. It was really good. I can’t explain it all but I’m glad I go to a nondenominational church.

To be clear, church isn’t all about being happy and joyful. We are called to be servants and dedicated to Jesus whether that is easy or not, but I honestly cannot think of a better way than church for Christians to stay strong in the Lord and do his work on this planet.


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