What am I Doing Until I Go?

Surprising even myself I have been reasonably busy lately. That has kept me from getting to this but here is an update on what I am doing until I head out to training in late July.

When I got back from Florida, I started my new job for the next 4-6+ months at a local convenience store called Honey Farms. It’s nothing special but I get free coffee, over 30 hours a week of work and I’m able to save some money while I’m in the states. Given the present economy I am very thankful for it.

I am also training for the Boston Marathon which is April 20th. The weather doesn’t make it easy but I’m trying to be diligent with my training and will be up to doing a 12-mile run this Sunday. At the moment I feel healthy and good about it though.

I am also raising money for my time in the Czech Republic. The past week I have been putting together and mailing out support letters. I am excited to report I am already getting responses but realize there is a long path of prayer and work ahead of me. If you would like to discuss supporting me and how best to do that and are in the Massachusetts area the next few months please contact me. I would love to meet with you!

So I’m staying busy. Being home doesn’t quite match the extreme scheducle or excitement of being overseas but its nice and I’m glad I’m here.


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