I am in a period of transition and that in itself is generally not much fun. This first hit home to me right after I graduated from college. I had three weeks between graduating and going to my camp to work for the summer and those weeks were pretty nerve-wracking to be honest. I was done college and an official adult. I didn’t know I was going to South Africa yet, so after camp my life was a big abyss of the unknown. I had no safe dorm room to enjoy come the fall and no job to occupy myself during the day. I sat around and didn’t do much.

Once camp started and South Africa was confirmed, things fell into place great but here I am in another, longer, period of transition. I have been home almost 3 months and still have 4+ until my next long-term stint overseas. I have a part-time job which I am thankful for but only keeps me busy 3-4 days a week and isn’t too satisfying long-term. What’s also hard is I’m pretty independent. I don’t want to be living (mooching off of?) with my parents. I’m an adult and I want to embrace that and get on with my own life. One good thing is until April at least I have the marathon to train for. It’s not always fun, but running does get me out of the house everyday stating healthy.

What I am finding is that I need to humble myself and to put it bluntly suck it up until training for the Czech Republic starts. I am tremendously excited to go and God has blessed me with this long period of time not to just sit around and mope but to be productive and to prepare. One thing I took away from my year with Thrive  was to live my life much more intentionally, to purposely look for opportunities to bless others.

It’s not very easy, especially being who I am personality-wise but God has blessed me immensely and will continue to. Transition is a part of life. What we do with it is up to us.


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