Life (and stress)?

When I was in South Africa times often came about when I would have 4-5 different things to write about on my blog and for various reasons I would only write about one, maybe.This is a similiar time. I could write about a number of different things but I’ll go with the following.

On Monday I found myself a bit stressed. This is unusual for me. I don’t get stressed often. I like being laid back and simple. In fact I enjoy being the person who can stand outside of another person’s situation and see why they are stressed and be happy I am not like that. I also like to think that having Jesus in my life helps me keep my priorities straight and to avoid a lot of things that others might not.So being stressed can catch me off guard when it does occur.

I was stressed for a number of different reasons, none very important or interesting to mention, but what I want to note is that throughout my day even when all I wanted to do was shut down, when I stopped to rely on God and pray briefly I was able to move on. Now I’m not saying every time you’re sad just think about Jesus and everything will be rosy. My point is simply that the only hope we really have in this life when things go bad is to lean on Him. It sounds corny and lame but it’s true. God is there and he doesn’t want us worrying about all the incredibly stupid things we tend to worry about. He wants us to acknowledge and worship him and in that be salt and light.

So that’s that.


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