Nostalgia trip

Have you ever had a trip down memory lane? You’ve taken a second and just remembered a time in your life at a certain place with certain people and it was all just really good? I had one of those moments last night. It was random and kept me up late looking at pictures but it was pretty cool.

Most of my nostalgia trips generally involve camp. I’ve had lots of great times and friends over the summers at Camp Sandy Cove and it’s pretty easy to look back and say to myself “those times were awesome.” Last night though was a nice reflection on the more recent and equally as good time I had in South Africa.

It’s only been a few months since I’ve been back but I found myself on the Thrive Africa site last night just looking at pictures. I am a pretty easy going guy and it’s hard for me to always recognize the significance of things I’ve been a part of. But last night it sunk in that my time with Thrive was significant. And awesome. And good. And pretty darn fun a lot of the times. It’s crazy that that was my life for nearly a year. Waking up on a mission base in another country, going to classes, meeting people from all over every week. It was truly a big deal and I am thankful I got to go do it and be a part.

With all that said I should be hearing in a week or so where exactly in the Czech Republic I am going to be and who I will be living and working with. Very exciting. As soon as I hear I’ll update my blog. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Nostalgia trip

  1. that’s pretty cool dude. last year was a blast and it definitely was significant cause you lived with me dude! haha. glad to hear things are moving along with the czech. keep me up to date!

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