Going to Sokolov!

Big news came today in my email. TeachOverseas completed its team formation process and has figured out where to put teachers for next year. I got the email today. I don’t have many details just yet but here’s what I know.

I have been assigned to the town of Sokolov. It is in the far west of the country, very close to the German border. My teammate/roommate is another first year teacher as well. He is on facebook and while I haven’t talked to him yet I probably will in the coming weeks.

It looks like I will teach in both a middle school and a high school there, as well as schools they haven’t determined yet. I believe I will still be teaching English but I may get the chance to teach history as well. I’ll let you know when I figure that out.

On an exciting note for me I did some research and found out my team has a soccer team in the country’s second division (equivalent of AAA in baseball) and they have a very nice little soccer ground with a track around it. Hopefully I will be able to attend many games while I am there.

This news totally adds to my excitement and I cannot wait to get news about where I am going and what I am doing. I will post news and updates here as I receive them.


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