Talking to God in a Convenience Store.

In the past year or so it has been my unfolding habit to blog about spiritual things on major Christian holidays (pretty much Christmas and Easter). So here we go again, enjoy.

Last night I worked the night shift at my job. My own store closes at midnight, but many of my company’s stores are open 24 hours, including one nearby my own. Earlier this week my manager asked if I wanted to cover a shift this weekend for that store. I thought I heard 7-11 and figured a)it would be short b) early in morning or late at night, no big deal.

A few minutes after I agreed, my manager comes over to give me further instructions and reveals it is 11PM-7AM. The night before Easter services at church. Awkward. The plus side is the 7 hours that were on Easter I got paid time and a half. The bad side was staying up all night was not a thing I like to do.

So last night I show up to work expecting a long and dull night. And for the most part it was pretty dull. Not many customers came in and I had a decent amount of boring tedious chores to keep me busy. But in the first hour or so when I was just settling into the new store I decided to pray. Amidst cigarettes, lottery tickets, and mostly overpriced small groceries I just started talking to God.

I’m not much of a prayerful person, I’m not too good at it, but I felt like I should. Being at home during this time hasn’t been the most helpful in keeping my relationship with God strong and so I just made up for lost time and brought up a lot of things that were on my mind. It wasn’t anything special and with customers walking in every now and again it was pretty disjointed, but ultimately I think merely being able to do what I did last night shows in a small way what we celebrate today.

Jesus Christ rose again, conquering death, so that we can be in relationship with him. He made himself, the infinite and holy, accessible to us, the mortal and flawed. Praying in a crappy little convenience store should not be something that glorifies God. And yet last night I think it did. Truly we serve a good and faithful king.

Happy Easter Everyone.


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