A Weekend At Camp

This past weekend, a mere few days after my marathon, I hopped in my car and drove 10 hours to my camp. It’s called Camp Sandy Cove and I have been involved with the camp, as a camper and as a staff member, for over 10 years. Over that time I’ve grown a ton, gone through incredible challenges, had awesome fun times, met wonderful, lifelong friends and been able to do ministry with many great kids. I am so thankful for camp and all it has meant in my life.

This past weekend they had a mini-camp retreat for campers who want a taste of camp before the summer. I realized that given my job and scheducle before Czech, this would be the only time I could visit. So I emailed Tim, the director, asking if he could use me to help out. He agreed and so off I went.

I only spent 3 days, 4 nights there but it was truly incredible. I got to be in a cabin again with kids. I had camp food, sang camp songs, slept in a cabin. It was really fun. But the best part was that I got to give devotions to the campers in my cabin on both friday and saturday nights when they were there. Giving devos was always my favorite as a chief because I was able to sit down with the kids, explain something from the Word and then answer any questions they might have (you see where this interest in teaching is coming from?) Now the first night my kids were pretty energetic and it was late so I kept it short and I’m not sure they got much from it. But the second night was totally different. I talked about my marathons and how running was really important to me and I love it but it doesn’t come close to my relationshipwith God. They paid attention pretty intently and even asked some good questions.

Now I may never see those kids again and I may never return to camp in an official status again either but I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to pour into those kid’s hearts and minds. Thats the great part of being part of ministries like my camp (and Thrive). Even when you leave you know that ministry will continue in your absence. God will continue to do great things. And all you can do is look back and think, “Man, thanks God for letting me be a part of that.”


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