Czech Stuff.

It’s been a while since I wrote about actually going to the Czech Republic so here is an update on where I am with things.  Much of this information will go out in an email to my supporters soon so sorry for any repeat info.

I’m on the second half (and supposedly easier) of my visa paperwork. It involves applications, getting things notarized and making copies. It’s not fun. Hopefully though if I stay motivated, I’ll have it done and mailed on Thursday. Please pray that I get it done properly and that it all goes through, thank you.

I’m expecting this week to get an update from my church on how things are going in the decision making process on whether to partner with me or not. I am not expecting a final yes or no this week but it would be cool if an affirmative happened at any time. My support continues to get closer to 50% and I have enough to cover my travel insurance, travel to CA for training, and my international airfare as well which is a huge blessing. Another 2,000 in the next two months would cover almost all my training which would be great. Please keep my support needs in prayer as God continues to provide.

I have briefly been able to talk to some teachers who will be with me in the Czech Republic next year via Facebook. Some are new like myself,while others are going to be entering their 5th year as teachers. It’s weird to think where might I be in 5 years? It has been very cool to talk to them and I’ve already met a runner like myself which is cool.

This new burst of interaction is making me very excited and I can’t wait to get over there. Traveling and the logistics needed to travel are not things I find very fun or exciting but once I get over there I think it will be great. Thank you for praying, reading, and supporting.


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