Seeing Friends

One of the best things about being home as long as I have been is I have seen lots of friends from the past who I haven’t seen in a year or more.

About a week ago I was online rather late (a product of many of my shifts at work ending at midnight) when a good friend from college messaged me on gchat. I thought he was in England but in fact he was in New York and was coming up to Boston for the summer the very next day!  He needed a place to stay for the week before his apartment opened up; it was not hard to invite him to stay at my house for the week.

It is a small miracle that we have found ourselves in the same city at the same time. He has traveled even more than me in the past two years. A short list of places he has been includes Trinidad, Guatemala, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom. While we often spent long stretches in college not meeting up, over the course of 4 years took a number of classes together and usually maintained contact of some kind. While we come from very different backgrounds : he is a Jamaican pentecostal from New York City and I am a Evangelical New England-bred suburbanite, our faith was our unifying factor at a school that in a word is unspiritual.

It is great to shoot the breeze with old friends from school. Reminiscing about old classmates, professors and little things that only attenders of the school would know is lots of fun and we did that all week, often going to bed sometime after 1 AM each evening . But the really great thing was to discuss how through our experiences and travels our faith has grown, matured and changed. We are not the same people from years past and it was fantastic to  flesh out what we believe and why we believe it now. At the same time we were able to be honest with each other about struggles, doubts and annoyances we had with our respective faith traditions and how we have wrestled with those things.

Let there be no doubt, I am ready to head to Europe and embrace all that God has for me there but I wouldn’t trade moments I’ve had at home with friends like I’ve had this past week for anything in the world.


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