Training and TeachOverseas/ESI

Written August 6th, 2009

I thought it would be good to write a bit about TeachOverseas and what training has been like.

First, TeachOverseas is known overseas as Educational Services International. ESI has always been its name, it only changed its name stateside recently to better reflect what they do. I think it has also served to bring more teachers into the program. If I mention ESI keep in mind I mean TeachOverseas.

There are a number of things I’ve learned here that make me like ESI even more than I did before.  First, they are open to Christians of all backgrounds and denominations while maintaining a solid Biblical mission and basis. Secondly, this is a very diverse organization. By this I mean there are young singles (like myself) but also married couples, families, and older singles as well. Anyone who wants to teach is welcome.  Finally, while the training is admittedly rather quick (a month) it covers things comprehensively.

Every morning we have Teaching English as Foreign language (TEFL) sessions. This goes over the ins and outs of the teaching part of our work. After a general session we usually have a region-specific session about what life will be like teaching where we will be. I’m in the Central European Region along with Hungary and Slovakia. In the afternoons we usually have big general sessions about living overseas. My time in South Africa has richly informed this part of training for me and I am truly thankful for it. Recently we have started language and cultural training about our specific countries.

In the evenings we usually go to Practicum. This is where we teach people English at a local community center English. This was a nerve-wracking thing at first but fantastic practice for our time overseas. In addition we have gotten to meet some great local people and help them with their English.


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