A week in Sokolov

Tomorrow marks one week in Sokolov. Of course, I’m going to Prague tomorrow for our first TeachOverseas retreat with all the other Czech teachers. But I thought it might be nice to tell you about my town a bit.

I live in a flat i.e. a very boring looking communist-era apartment building. 12th floor. Also our building is painted green which is helpful because it’s hard to get confused with others. If I had to describe our flat in one sentence it would be this. “The builders decided to install new windows and doors to the balconies and then decided the flats were good as is.”If I had another sentence I would say, “Thanks for the partial-renovation, guys.”

In all honesty we have all that we need and plenty of space so it’s lovely.

Sokolov has a large public pool. Will have to explore visiting that before it gets cold.

It has some very lovely parks and a sweet bike path that is SUPER long because I think it connects to other towns. Hello easy training.

Czechs really like in-line skating. I’ve seen more people do it in the last week then I had in the last ten years in America.

My gymnazium (high school) is 10 years old but looks brand new and is HUGE. I will share a huge office with another English teacher. It is sweet. My basic school (middle school) is undergoing renovation and I don’t visit it until this Monday. I’ll tell you more then.

We got introduced to a sweet little ice cream stand that is cheap, easy to order from, and on the way home from school today. Nice.

Sokolov also has a 5,000 person soccer stadium that is pretty sweet looking. Hopefully I’ll attend some games there.

I went to Czech church this past Sunday. In Czech. We had a guy, who is very cool, translate the sermon for us. It’s nice.

So that’s it, all is well. I’ll post pictures of Prague on Sunday night hopefully. Teaching starts next week!


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