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God “Nose” What’s Up.

September 26, 2009

First of all, sorry for the pun but isn’t it just fantastic? So by now, faithful blog reader, you likely are aware that I am out of the hospital and back home in my trusty flat in Sokolov. I could give you a lengthy moment-by-moment account of my time in the hospital but frankly that […]


September 16, 2009

I have been impressed with the amount of construction going on in Sokolov in the past few weeks. Building after building has scaffolding on it, including one side of my flat building and the middle school that I teach at. The scaffolding though isn’t the cool part. The cool thing is that in only a […]

Feeling Festive

September 13, 2009

Being in a small town is certainly different than living in the big city. Generally most everything shuts down at noon on the weekends in Sokolov. On Sunday after church you can walk downtown, see next to nobody and have lunch in a restaurant by yourself. And then sometimes small towns like to have giant […]

Moment of Recognition

September 7, 2009

Two entries in two days  is a lot for me but such is life. Derick (my roommate) and I were walking back from the grocery store this afternoon. As we entered our apartment building we passed two boys but said nothing. As we waited for the elevator I suddenly here my name, “Mat-chew, Mat-chew” being […]

Relying on God in the Czech Republic.

September 6, 2009

Over a year ago in South Africa I wrote an entry about relying on God. You can read it here. I’m generally proud of what I write and rereading it again I think it made sense in my situation in South Africa. But compared to where I am now it seems rather naive and simplistic. […]