Moment of Recognition

Two entries in two days  is a lot for me but such is life.

Derick (my roommate) and I were walking back from the grocery store this afternoon. As we entered our apartment building we passed two boys but said nothing. As we waited for the elevator I suddenly here my name, “Mat-chew, Mat-chew” being said in a heavily accented Czech way by one of the boys.

I turn and think for a second. This boy wasn’t in my classes today but he may have seen me in school. I say my Basic School’s name, “Zakladni Skola Sest(6)?”  He nods and smiles.

After that we expressed how I speak English and he speaks Czech and soon the elevator had arrived. It was a brief, fleeting, moment of recognition but it made me feel a lot better about being here.

I’m going to get to know students. They are going to get to know me. And I think it’s going to be pretty cool.


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