God “Nose” What’s Up.

First of all, sorry for the pun but isn’t it just fantastic?

So by now, faithful blog reader, you likely are aware that I am out of the hospital and back home in my trusty flat in Sokolov. I could give you a lengthy moment-by-moment account of my time in the hospital but frankly that is just boring so I’ll do this instead.

The hospital was boring. Pretty much no one besides the doctors (who I rarely saw, remember I was kind of incapacitated in the operation room) spoke English.  The nurses enjoyed giggling though when they tried to tell me stuff. Apparently the best time to have your temperature taken is 4:45 IN THE MORNING. They did it both nights I was there. The operation was pretty quick and about 24 hours after it was done I was released from the hospital. I would of died of boredom if I had to spend another day in there. However I did manage to meet one person.

His name was Jaroslav and he was a few years older than my dad. I know this because at the end of our beds we have handy clipboards with our name and year of birth on them. Anyway the first afternoon he asked if I wanted to play chess. And by ask I mean he held up the board and sort of looked at me. After confirming they were chess not checkers pieces I offered to play that evening in halting one-word Czech/English answers. He agreed and that night he plopped the board on my bed and we played Chess. He promptly destroyed me. However he enjoyed helping me with moves. Over two days I realized how woefully inexplicable Czech is to me as I heard everyone around me speak it. But Jaroslav and I were able to to play chess together and that was cool.

Over the next day after my operation he helped me understand a few things with his very limited english. That night we played chess again. He was excited about my “training”. I know this because he kept saying the word training. Again he helped me with my moves while still beating me pretty badly.

The next morning I found out I could go home but when I left I said good bye to Jaroslav. He said “Good Luck…to you…in life…everything!” I wished him the same and bid him goodbye in Czech “Na Sheldanou!” He seemed happy about that.

God truly knows what up. He knew my nose would be a challenge but he provided a way to have it fixed with minimal interruption to my start of the year. He raised up SO MANY people to pray for me and cover me with love and support (Thanks Everyone). He allowed me to connect with another person in the hospital even just a little bit, language be darned. This entry is already too long but I’ll end with this: in the last 48 hours I been realizing that slowly, almost inexplicably, relationships are happening here. Lives will be changed. And my nose will soon be back to its good old self. Don’t worry, God’s got it covered…


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