Having an Impact Elsewhere?

Hello my friends. Last friday the internet went out in our flat. It was expected but getting it back up has been, well, slow. Welcome to a land where you can’t speak the language. Anyway, it’s been a bit since I last blogged so I hope you enjoy.

At the start of the year we had a one day retreat in Prague. During it, we were asked to write a prayer for our year and ministry on an index card. Short, simple, to the point. I wrote “Lord, give me an opportunity everyday to talk to someone, somewhere about anything important.”

I’m in the Czech Republic. I want to be here and meet people here and get to know them and even share Christ with them if the opportunity presents itself. However, why limit myself to just people here? We are blessed with the internet, something that truly makes our earth a village. In an average day I have been able to talk to someone I know in places as far afield as Vietnam, South Africa, Hungary and the US. Pretty cool.

Last week I was asked by a former intern (who is now staff) from  Thrive Africa to write a short promo for the internship I did in 2008. It was recently put on their site. You can see it here.

Even though my new year here is in full swing I’m still being given opportunities to hopefully impact people elsewhere. It is a blessing and a challenge. It is good to think everyday however, “Where am I having an impact?”


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