This is another entry about Cheb’s English club, the last entry was getting too long.

One of the great things about the whole evening was to have students you could actually talk to and have them understand you back. Their grammar and syntax might not be all there but you can have a conversation. It’s awesome. After the hoedown fun (see last entry) we settled down to listen to two students give their account of a trip to China they got to take last summer. They went as part of a Czech Physics team and competed in an international competition near Beijing. It was cool to hear about.

After the talk people were mingling and one of the presenters, George, asked me about colleges near Boston (I had introduced myself and said where I was from to the group earlier). Soon him, me and his girlfriend are all having a nice conversation. And then he asks the question. The one that I want to hear so much but dread at the same time.

So why did you decide to come to the Czech Republic?

Here it is. An opportunity to talk to a Czech student about things that matter. It’s amazing how you get to the purpose of being somewhere and then you almost freeze. I did marginally better than my flight in July but still only so-so. I talked about wanting to teach and how I’m interested in why so many Atheists are here but that was about it. They seemed politely interested but then we talked a bit more about other things.

In any case I am thankful for opportunities no matter how I might botch them up. A final note about getting to know students is that after the presentation two other students came up to me and asked if I knew “The Big Bang Theory”. I asked if they meant the theory or the show and they said the show which I really enjoy. They than informed me that I remind them of the character Howard which, if you have ever seen the show, is a hard compliment to take. All I have to say to it is:



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