I’m a very honest person. I’m not stroking my ego with my previous statement. Being honest has gotten me in trouble. A lot. Often with females but everyone in general too. If I know you well I am liable to tell you (in general) what I think, good or bad, nice or mean. My overriding concern is generally not “will what I say be helpful?” but “will what I say be true?” For me, truth is of paramount value. It’s in my personality and it’s how I was raised too.

Our society (in America) does not value truth as it once did I think. As a college professor once declared (erroneously) to my class, “You are all relativists.” What works for someone might not work for everyone (or anyone) else, but if it makes that person feel happy or right inside that can be truth for them.

I want to be nice to people. I want people to like me. I want to show people love in this world because our world is hurting in a brutal fashion. I think the word that sums up what I want to be the most however is authenticity. I long to be authentic.  I am not a salesman. I’m not trying to suck anyone into my worldview. I don’t want your money or support or time. I merely want to be real. I want to discuss things that matter. And I want to share what I believe to be the truth that can dramatically change anyone who wishes to be changed.

All that stuff in the Bible? It really happened. All that stuff Jesus did? He really did it. It matters whether it is true or not and it is important to consider what it means for your life. I’m not out to force a decision on or from anyone. I just want to give whoever I happen to meet an opportunity. An opportunity for true life, real life, life life. It cannot be found completely in anything else.

Call me close-minded, intolerant, or backwards if you want. Just don’t reject Christianity out of hand because of something superfluous. It’s important, it’s awesome, it’s amazing. It’s truth.


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