Experiencing the Body

I had a long weekend break from school this past week. I wanted to go somewhere and after discovering a cheap bus ticket to Budapest I was on my way. ESI has a number of teachers in Hungary and I was going to stay and meet up with some of them. While I did a fair amount of sight-seeing and this trip cannot not be construed as anything but a vacation I also got to see the body of Christ in action.

It’s neat to visit other teachers not only to see them but to see what their experience and ministry is like where they are. Every city and town with ESI teachers is different. This past Friday myself and another first-year teacher went to a YWAM (Youth with a Mission) supported coffeehouse in central Budapest. It is only open Fridays currently but its vision is to open full-time everyday. The goal of the coffeehouse as I understand it, is to be a place where Christians and non-Christians can come, hang out, enjoy a good cup of coffee and build relationships. ESI teachers in Budapest currently bring interested students here each week. It needs more funding but it looks like it finally has the leadership to push this idea all the way to its completion. When it opens it will start offering 9-month internships to American Christians who want to be a barista and serve people in Hungary.

I would be a terrible barista. Just not the thing for me. I have done a bit of retail and I did fine, but add food into the equation and it would end pretty fast for me. Despite my natural inability to help directly with this effort it was a pleasure to experience. The coffeehouse was bumping the night I was there. There weren’t enough seats for everyone. The cappuccino I had was excellent. I have a good feeling about this endeavor.

God has gifted us to do different things. He put me in Sokolov this year. He has put a bunch of Christians in Budapest. We are doing very different things. But experiencing the body of Christ in all its holy variety is truly a pleasure. And in fact, as I sat relaxing in that coffeehouse, soaking in the atmosphere, the idea nearly crossed my mind, in the small, subconscious part of my brain, and only for a split second: this might be something you might enjoying doing Matt. It was nice.





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