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A Baker?

I have never thought of myself as much of a cook or a baker. I really haven’t had to. Growing up food was usually handled by my parents or our good friends at McDonald’s or Burger King or wherever. In college, I was a solid fan of the dining hall. Was it always good? No, but it was open 16-18 hours a day and it was all you can eat. When you are a collegiate cross country runner all you can eat is important, trust me. When I worked at my camp in past summers, one of the best things was you had three squares a day plus many random snacks and other things. Even last year the vast majority of my meals in South Africa were made by a dedicated and delightful cooking staff. So basically I haven’t had to cook a lot in my life compared to some.

Don’t get the wrong idea here though. I’m quite a fan of the food network and when I’m in states (or on youtube) catching a show or two is fun. I like to think I can whip up a delicious (if simple) meal when need be. And of course this year is the first year I am solely responsible for my food. Besides the lunch I buy at the cafeteria in town and unless I go out to eat at a restaurant I am cooking myself. While I haven’t done anything too extraordinary just yet I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Of course some of the female teachers I know here are quite the cooks and bakers and they have piqued my interest in doing more than I have. This past weekend I got extremely domestic and baked cupcakes for the Cheb English club. Kathryn made banana bread cake and Karina made cookies. All were delicious, but it was a nice boost of confidence that I didn’t royally screw up the cupcakes and that people enjoyed them.

So we’ll see what happens. I need to stock up on the basics like baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, and the like but once I do (it might take a while) we’ll see what delicious concoctions I can create. Stay tuned, this teacher may be a baker and a cooker soon enough.


4 Responses to “A Baker?”

  1. I have never heard of banana bread until I visited USA. It’s so tasty. I gotta make it soon. Good luck with your baking!


  2. Go for it, Matt! Does the Czech have vanilla readily available?

  3. whoop whoop! these look tasty!

  4. kudos on the cupcakes, peirce! (happy thanksgiving!)

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