Having a taste…

Taste and see that the LORD is good…

I was going to write something else but things happen and so I’m writing the following. Hope you enjoy.

Last night I was online before bed and noticed a Facebook status that said Brittany Murphy had died. At first I wasn’t sure who that was but than it clicked. She was that actress in Clueless, among other movies. I was skeptical for a second but a google news search soon revealed the sad news. Only 32, she is now gone from this earth. While it does not yet appear to be from a drug overdose (far too common amongst celebrities) it is nonetheless a tragic thing to lose someone so young. It got me thinking, as celebrities deaths tend to do, about the temporariness of this life.

When I was 10 or 11, I started getting into sports. Part of this was picking favorite teams among the big American sports. Some were local teams, but in football I picked the Green Bay Packers. Soon I had a Brett Favre jersey, a Packers winter coat and was rejoicing in their Super Bowl win of 1996. Sports was such a big deal back then to me. Music and movies too. They were so awesome and the people who took part in them more so. They weren’t just people; they were famous people. It was a difference.

But here I sit at the end of 2009 and realize how flawed my view of life was as a kid. Life is more complicated than sports, or celebrity. There are more important things than the Super Bowl or the next big movie. Life happens, people die and it doesn’t matter if you were young, beautiful, talented, and wealthy (my condolences to Mrs. Murphy’s family). You can’t take anything with you.

It reminded me of the verse I started this entry with. Life is temporal but God is eternal. He is the only thing truely good in this flawed and broken world. This holiday season I offer this request to you. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Read some Bible verses, listen to that old Christmas Carol again, maybe even check out a Christmas Eve service in your area. I think anyone who gives God an honest chance, a good taste, will not only be satisfied but truly never want for anything else.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May you rejoice in the joy that the Lord has come.

blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.- Psalm 34:8


2 thoughts on “Having a taste…

  1. Hello!

    My name is Erica, and I just got accepted to go teach overseas in Czech with ESI for the 2010-2011 school year!!
    I am SO excited! I found your blog from the facebook page…hope that is ok.
    I can relate to a lot of what you say. I read your authenticity post and I am much the same way, I say the truth whether it hurts or not, and I’m introverted and I think many times about how this calling God obviously has for me is not about me, but about dying to myself and allowing Him to get the glory by shining through my weaknesses.
    Feel free to find me on facebook, I hope soon to start a Czech blog. I have traveled just for pleasure, never done anything long term mission anything…I am nervous about support raising but if God has this for me, it will work. 🙂
    I hope to hear from you! Feel free to email me, find me on facebook etc.

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