A Hopefully Entertaining Hodgepodge…

So it’s been an unusual long while since I wrote a blog entry. Not exactly sure why but I have a few thoughts and explanations. Firstly, I took on a GIGANTIC topic last time and while I’m glad for the comments and conversation it started I realize I need to be wise in my choice of what to write about. Secondly, while I always have a lots of thoughts in my head at all times it’s important that I don’t spew out all of them all the time. That would probably offend people a lot plus make my blog unbearably long. When I write an entry I really strive to make it something worth reading, pondering and talking about. And sometimes just to laugh or giggle a bit. Fortunately I’m a Christian and overseas and this creates lots of topics and ideas. So with that in mind here are a few thoughts about life in the Czech Republic.

  • Being overseas without a TV has made Youtube and similar sites a godsend. I can access newspapers, sports events, not to mention my friends via the glorious World Wide Web. Easily abused? Of course. Incredible thing I can’t imagine people overseas did without only a few years ago? That too. (Hulu and NBC’s Olympics coverage are notable exceptions to the internet’s awesomeness. Apparently these sites think Americans don’t live abroad. Lame.)
  • Pleses (Graduation Balls) are really sweet versions of prom. Prom was a lame extension of the popularity gauntlet that is High School. A ples is a community extravaganza/dance/graduation ceremony that anyone young and old can attend. I love its fun and egalitarianism.  I have one more ples to attend this month. I expect it to be epic.
  • My town has a pretty similar winter to New England so no big deal. That’s all I have to say about that.
  • I hate when I spell a word so wrong that the spell-check, i.e. the machine that is supposed to detect and fix mistakes, has no suggestions. A real downer for the self-esteem.
  • Fun fact: Beer is cheaper than water here and IDs are NEVER checked. Ah cultural differences.
  • Czech houses generally look profoundly ordinary on the outside and are CRAZY nice on the inside. I know because I went in one yesterday for lunch. It was fantastic.

That’s enough for now, hopefully I’ll have something a bit more substantive next time. Until then, peace.


One thought on “A Hopefully Entertaining Hodgepodge…

  1. Hey, I’m thinking about applying to spend a year in the Czech Republic. Thoughts? Comments? Fundraising tips? Best/Worst cultural differences? I’m just looking for a way to serve the Lord because I know he’s been laying a burden for Europe on my heart for the past year. Dig the blog.


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