I’m in Hungary this week for my spring break. Traveling in Europe has been cool. Partly because you get to see new and cool things but mostly because you get to meet up and, however briefly, reconnect with fellow teachers who I trained with and got to know very well back in August in Pasadena. It is really good to check out how different teachers are experiencing their year and how they do things in their country, town, or city. It is also cool if you get to go to church with them because it is a very different thing depending where you are over here.

The church that most ESI teachers in Budpest generally go to is a Calvary Chapel right in the middle of the city. While it is attended by and  most of it leadership is Hungarian, the head pastor and a few others are American. So what you end up getting in the service is a lot of Hungarian/English combined. The songs are mostly sung in Hungarian, with English translations below. It was pretty neat.

We started singing a song and I realized we sang it at my Czech church all the time, except in Czech. Up to this point I had only been able to translate one line from the Czech : “Ja verim, Ja verim” (I believe, I believe). So the song was being sung in Hungarian but now I could see the English words below and realize exactly what the song is about. So I started following along and singing the English words best I could. When I got to the “I believe” part though, a funny thing happened. I just felt like singing in Czech. It just felt like the good, right,cool thing to do. So I did. While a song was being sung in Hungarian and being translated into English, I sang the one line that I could in Czech.

A small thing to be sure but it was also a powerful thing. It was a reminder of how blessed I am to be over here. And a reminder that God and Christianity is truly big enough for every culture, every country, every nation and indeed every language.


One thought on “Worship

  1. I especially like the last line of this post. God is truly big enough for EVERY nation, language, people, etc. We see this so often in the Bible, and I LOVE it when I get to see it in person!

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