Another Czech Republic Morning…

One thing that is interesting about being overseas is how laid back people are. By that I mean things seem much less politically-correct and such. Upsides to this include people don’t sue as much. Downsides include things are ok that seem wildly dangerous to me. In any case it keeps you on your toes here. Here is one example.

This past Wednesday my basic school had an Olympiad of sorts. Basically the teachers and I played various relay games in the hallway of the school while all the students watched. It appeared that the festivities were planned by one of the 6th year classes who are around age 11 or 12. The girls were dressed like gangster boys with big jeans, shirts, hats and bandanas. The boys were dressed like women. Skirts, tank-tops, wigs and other assets. It was all a bit silly but entertaining as well. It’s hard to remember what school was like back when I was in middle school but I’m fairly sure of one fact: I never crossed-dressed.

So another exciting morning passed in a foreign country. Did I mention I earned a certificate and chocolate bar for my efforts?


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