I’m Here. That’s All.

I talked with my mom and sister last week. They are coming to visit in less than two weeks. I haven’t seen a family member since early July so this is exciting. I’ll get to show them my town and a bit of my life that I have been living here this year. One question they asked stuck with me. “So have you thought much about coming home in a few months?”

To be honest I haven’t.

I miss home. I miss my family, friends, New England. I miss people speaking English. I miss sitting on the couch in my family’s home watching TV. I certainly miss Dunkin Donuts coffee fresh from the shop. But I haven’t thought much about it.

I live  in the Czech Republic. I eat pork and dumplings for lunch. I live on the 12th floor in a flat building. I drink Czech beer in local pubs. I sing worship songs in Czech at a little church on Sunday mornings. I teach English.

It’s my life at the moment. And I’m content.

Many of my students have little catchphrases in English that they use repeatedly because it’s one of the few words or phrases they know. One of them is “That’s all.” For example, “I like sports, nature, TV….that’s all.”

I’m here in the Czech Republic. I’m a teacher. It’s pretty neat. That’s all.


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