Time to go…again.

I went on a walk tonight for the last time in Sokolov. I get on a plane tomorrow to go to South Africa, and in a few weeks, home. I’m filled with emotion and feelings and it’s just weird. When I left South Africa I was pretty happy. Not because I wanted to leave but because it just felt right. The year was up, it was great, I was excited for the future. Here, in this moment, it just feels a bit strange and anticlimactic. I have been here 10 months and it is simply weird to think I won’t be here tomorrow.

I have much to rejoice over. I got to teach in two schools this year. I met awesome students and got valuable classroom experience. I made great friends, Czech and American, who I will stay in touch with long after this year is over. I learned about a new culture, food and language. I traveled to multiple countries in Europe. I grew a lot.

This year was far from easy. It started horribly. But as I sit here with this subtle feeling of melancholy I realize how important  it was to be here this year. It was important not just for me but all the people I met. I have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. I’m so excited to see friends and family at home. But my year in the Czech Republic was incredible and so I’ll close out this year by just saying that God is a good and faithful king and I’m thankful for it.


One thought on “Time to go…again.

  1. I just started reading your blog, so I can’t wait to catch up on your journeys. I did a similar year in Costa Rica and I remember the last day of school . . . saying goodbye to my kids and watching the bus leave for the last time. So many mixed emotions. It was my most challenging year of teaching and, without doubt, the most rewarding.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences. Teaching is a great way to see the world!

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