Homeward Bound

Disclaimer: I started writing this 2 days ago like it says but because of internet connectivity issues I wasn’t able to post it then.

In less than two days I will be back in America. I was last stateside on August 20th last year. I left Boston last July 8th. It has been a while. I have had a great year and I have totally enjoyed visiting here in South Africa. However, after living in a foreign culture for 10 months and visiting another straightaway, I am ready to return to my own I think. Having an extra layer to peel away to understand just about everything has begun to wear on me a think. And of course I’m really excited to see family and friends and home again. Here is one final thought on my time away.

I had a great year. Many awesome things happened and I met some really cool people. But I have to emphasize the fact that no matter how good I felt at any one point it never became easy. Living overseas simply isn’t. It just comes with the territory. No matter how much you adjust, accept, embrace, or conquer the culture around you it is still, by definition, foreign. And that is hard. So after two (slightly non-consecutive) years living overseas in foreign cultures I just want to say how much I respect those who (whether as military personnel, missionaries or something else) have committed to living overseas long term or even as their careers. You set a high standard for us all.

In any case, it is good to be home.


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