Operation World

I’m not much of a prayer. Let me be clear. I kind of stink at it. I do pray, typically daily, sometimes more than once. But I rarely feel it like I should. Don’t get me wrong, I think prayer is a vitally important part of the Christian life. I take requests for prayer seriously and in many ways it is one area that stretches my faith more than much else. So in this light, I offer something new for you to join me in in 2011.

I got the book Operation World for Christmas. It combines an exhaustive list of the world’s peoples and places with a brief overview of the countries and prayer requests for each.  Its goal is to get Christians praying all over the world to help make the Great Commission happen. For a geography-loving, Jesus-loving person like myself it is truly awesome. But as I note above, prayer isn’t my strong suit. That’s where you come in.

Do you love to pray but find yourself at times at a loss for things to pray for? Do you have a heart for the peoples of the world? Do you want to help bring about the Great Commission? Here is my proposal.

Using Twitter and the book Operation World I will post prayer requests daily. The book has a prayer calendar that through the year goes over every country. Starting New Years day I will post the country’s name along with a specific request for that country. Depending on time and traveling constraints I will do this multiple times a day to keep people informed.

Some of you are probably questioning my use of the Twitter platform but I like it for a few reasons. One is it is short and concise. Two it is easily accessible via mobile devices. Prayer can happen anytime, anywhere. Twitter allows for that in a great way.

So what can you do? First Join twitter and follow me. My twitter name is XCwaterboy. I know this is a reach for many but trust me. You don’t have to get heavily involved and it truly is a simple, quick way to get my prayer updates. It’s super quick to register and there are tools if you want to find friends or other people to follow on the site. Second, join in! If you know something specific about that day’s country, post it! If something hits you while praying about the day’s topic, post it to share with others. I’ve decided two good hashtags for this are #operationworldprayer or for short #owp. Add that to any Twitter post and people will see it.

I would love to see this grow into a vibrant, large, exciting network of people praying about the world and the Great Commission. So starting on New Year’s Day, Operation World begins. I hope you will join me!


3 thoughts on “Operation World

  1. Thank you for sharing about your journey in prayer and your use of the Operation World book. That is very exciting. The GMI team produced the CD/DVD/Wall Map for Operation World and is also sharing about OW on twitter. We are following your prayer updates and look forward to sharing them with others. Our feed is http://www.twitter.com/owtips

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