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Messing up the Message

March 23, 2011

Social networking has hit our culture in remarkable and pervasive ways. Millions of people across the globe are active members of one site or another. From Facebook to Twitter people are using the sites for a huge and varied number of applications. This blog post, when I publish it, will be posted immediately to my […]

First Hurdle Cleared

March 16, 2011

I have been in grad school since¬†January. So far it has been fairly straight forward. A few papers, small presentations and of course a bit of angst related to lesson planning. ¬†That’s the best thing about graduate school. You’re way past the need to take tests (except of course when it comes to proving to […]

An Epiphany While Subbing…

March 4, 2011

I had an epiphany while subbing today. But first, some background. Subbing is generally treated like glorified babysitting by the school that calls you in. You aren’t expected to do much. Often you are just sitting there while you watch kids take a test or do preassigned work. For the effort that is expected of […]