Done. 33% to be exact.

I finished my first semester of graduate school.

Looking back I did a lot of work. My folders on the computer for my classes are filled with documents and assignments. That being said it doesn’t appear like the grading is particularly stringent. I’m hoping for straight As (or at least an A-) in my four classes.

When I signed up for my classes in December and got the syllabi I was mildly terrified. I have to buy all these books, read them and do ALL this other stuff? Three years away from academia does not ease the mental transition back to school. That being said after a couple months at school I made the following observations.

1)Undergraduates in my classes work way too hard and are terrified of bad grades. Kids relax, you’re doing better than 99.9% of the human race ever just by being here. If you get a B the world won’t end.

2) People (including myself) let academics play with their minds and emotions way too much. We get all mental and stressed and then (eventually and magically) we sit down do the work and “HEY” everything is still OK in the world.

3) I don’t understand why we learn about being engaging teachers if our own education professors cannot lead an engaging class themselves.

4) I don’t care about grades anymore. I want to pass, get my money’s worth and start teaching. If that means I have to make a few (or many) sarcastic, humorous comments to get everyone’s mind off how boring this class is so be it.

So I’m done till next fall. 12 credits down, whatever twice that number is to go (I’m going to teach history, not math, deal with it). Bring it on grad school.


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