2011: All this stuff happened, Me Edition

In an entry that fulfills my interest in history and my desire to remember stuff later on here here is a brief recap of highlights from this past year. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

January: Started grad school at Lesley for teaching. Very nice building. Very expensive classes. Read a lot, got good grades. If it doesn’t sound exciting it did not exactly blow my mind either.

March: Ran a St Patty’s Day race in Somerville. 5k was fun. Free beverages after=winning.

May: Went down to West Virginia for the summer to work at my camp. Probably highlight of year simply because I hadn’t been there all summer since 2007. Hung out with some awesome people and had a blast teaching and entertaining tons of kids. Fun times.

August: Coached Cross Country for 2nd season at Lexington Christian Academy. Really enjoy Coaching, being involved in the sport. Boys team shrunk, girls team grew but good foundation set for next season.

September: Ran 10k in Concord for 2nd straight year, got 3rd place. Plan to win next year.

December: Went to Czech Republic for two weeks to visit old friends and teachers and to be a tourist a bit. Great fun and saw lots of people.

Had Christmas at home with the family it was good.

Overall 2011 was a good year. I only ran 400 miles though. Goal for 2012? At least 1,000. Let’s go.


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