Still working on Teaching

This blog is about my journey as a teacher and I really haven’t written about teaching that much. So here is an update and for various reasons it’s written as a hodgepodge of various thoughts and ideas. Lazier to be sure but I think just as entertaining.

1) I’m taking my final class in graduate school! My motivation is flagging and my procrastination is epic but to be honest this class is actually really useful. You know how everybody complains about how hard classroom management is? This class is about classroom management. Apparently many schools of education don’t even have a class on classroom management. Lucky me.

2) I have been subbing more this fall at a local high school. It is generally pretty straightforward and actually boring but from time to time I have a good experience and opportunity to actually teach the kids something. One thought: if you treat teenagers like adults, explaining things to them honestly and in a straightforward manner they will generally respect you even if they do not enjoy the class or the work they are doing.

3) I have been volunteering at my church’s student ministry the last 15 months or so. I really enjoy it. It balances my desire to mentor young people with my other desire not to ever work in a church as paid staff. I’m not sure I have ever committed this thought to writing so I should clarify. I deeply respect those who commit their lives to full-time ministry. They includes many friends and family members. I love my church and while I am more a “hide in the crowd” person I enjoy being more involved. That being said for a number of reasons I feel like my life is better served by working outside the church. This does not mean I will proselytize in the classroom of course but I hope by having feet both in the church and out I can have a greater influence as a person and a leader.

4) I am applying to jobs to become a student teacher for the spring. Once this is complete I will have my degree and my teaching certification and I can look for a full-time teach job for next fall. Hooray for progress!.

So that’s my life at the moment. How is everyone else doing?