South African Days

ImageI have a snow day off from student-teaching today. I have glorious plans to relax and catch up on lesson plans and job applications. In reality I am busting up my twitter feed and getting inspired to write blog entries after checking out Facebook for too long.

So I lived in South Africa for a year. The place I lived is no longer owned by the organization I was with because that organization no longer exists (long story). The place I lived was an incredibly beautiful game reserve turned mission base. Three mountains, hundreds of acres and various South Africa animals including blesbok, zebras, ostriches and wildebeest. The hotel style room I shared with two roommates was literally on the side of the mountain you see in the picture above. Simply gorgeous.

An American pastor I met when I was living there is back for a visit and photos were posted on Facebook of him in front of the very rooms where I lived. Looking at the photos memories came flooding back of how awesome living in such a uniquely beautiful place was. I remember morning runs, the sun just peeking over the horizon far to the East, as I disturbed groups of wildebeest as I ambled along the trails. I remember hikes to remote parts of the property to think, take pictures and simply let the landscape envelop me. I remember running up the mountain above in order to train for a local race, getting to the top, vomiting in front of some friends, than ambling delicately back down.

I am not likely to live in such a spectacular place again. But on a cold snowy day in New England I am thankful to take a moment to look back and remember the memories, the people, and the place where I lived. 



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