Rocking it with some Folk Art

Note: I hope to add a couple pictures of the market to this entry and many pictures on facebook by next week, stay tuned.

My first weekend in Santa Fe has been awesome. The ultimate highlight was helping run a booth at the International Folk Art Market. This is the premier folk art market in the world with artisans from 45 different countries. My aunt’s mother is an importer and seller of Latin American art and she sponsors a booth every year at the market. This year she brought a Mexican artisan from Oaxaca named Victor Vasquez. He brought roughly 200 pieces of hand-carved, brightly-painted animals and other figurines to sell. 90% of the money he makes will go back to his family and community as many of the pieces were done by artists in villages near him.

The market ran only two days, Saturday and Sunday, but my job was to help wherever I was needed. I got there at 9AM Friday morning and started unpacking the merchandise. The next day my aunt and I arrived at 3PM and 88% of the animals were gone. It was incredible. We had to restock with more stuff from my aunt’s mom’s store for the next day. I took on the role of help wherever I was needed. I got people lemonade, I moved things that needed moving, I watched the booth and I helped with paperwork. Surprisingly the role that I became known for was brownie baker. My aunt made the lunches each day for everyone in our booth and I contributed by baking the brownies for the dessert. Everyone loved them. Now I’ve never been a great cook, and the brownies are the high-altitude version of a mix from a box so I’m not sure how it happened but brownies were requested all weekend.

It was fantastic to walk around and see the art, the artisans, and people from all around the world. It was also great to actually help out and make the event happen. My role was ultimately small but great things will come from it. Kinda similar to what God asks for us daily, I think. Do the small things right every time and God will use it for his glory in huge ways. It was a great weekend.