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A Hopefully Entertaining Hodgepodge…

February 22, 2010

So it’s been an unusual long while since I wrote a blog entry. Not exactly sure why but I have a few thoughts and explanations. Firstly, I took on a GIGANTIC topic last time and while I’m glad for the comments and conversation it started I realize I need to be wise in my choice […]

What are cell phones preventing you from achieving in life?

June 11, 2009

So this is my second fluff entry and it’s about cell phones. Full Disclosure: I own a cellphone and use it relatively frequently from time to time. However the impolite, odd and unsafe way people use this technology amazes me sometimes. The other day (during the same shift as the “check” lady) the following occured. […]

Etiquette at the mini-mart

June 10, 2009

When you write on a blog enough you can afford to have a few entries that I like to caterogize as fluff. They aren’t really important but they are just fun to write. This is a fluff entry, I hope you enjoy it. So since I have been home I managed to get a job […]