A year of blogging…

It is weird to think about but a few days ago I reached the one year anniversary of starting my Czech Republic blog. My South Africa blog was written just over ten months as it spanned my time as an intern there. While eight of the past twelves months have been in the states, this current blog has generally stayed focused on what I am doing now. That is, teaching in the Czech Republic.

I have to say I really enjoy having a blog. I like airing my thoughts. I like processing and refining them by writing them down. I like provoking discussion from people who read it. I like how family, friends and supporters can keep better informed on what I’m doing and thinking about over here. A quick request: I really enjoy when people comment on my blog. Say hey, say you liked it, tell me you disagree. Whatever it is, I will appreciate it and if needed, try to reply in an timely fashion.

To commerate my year anniversary I decided I wanted to change the theme (appearance) of my blog. I had kept the same one all year and while I found it simple and easy to read I decided to look at some new options. As you can see, my new choice is a bit different. Black is its main focus but it also has some nice bursts of bright orange colors. I like that the date and comments are easily seen. I also like that it still seems very readable. In any case what do you think? Too much of a change? Not enough?

So here is to another year of thinking, writing and sharing as I continue this journey of teaching that God has put me on. Be blessed.