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Doing Things

May 30, 2010

A week ago I related the story of my student who passed her Maturita exam. It was awesome and being a teacher is a huge part of my life here but it is far from the only part. The single-handedly best thing about being in a place for a longer period of time is all […]

Travelin’ Thoughts

May 9, 2010

I don’t like traveling. I know, I know. I am a vicious liar. Since I graduated in 2007 here is my places I’ve been list. South Africa, Botswana, California, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, London. How can I possibly hate travel? It takes time and money. It involves big crowds of people I don’t know and […]

Did that just happen?

April 26, 2010

I just had a great weekend. Let me explain. I left home in Massachusetts last summer in early July. I have been in the Czech Republic since early August. Since before I left my mom has beenĀ discussingĀ various possibilities of what a visit here would entail. In the last few months we finalized things. My mom […]

Home from Hungary

March 13, 2010

I returned back to Sokolov from my spring break tonight. My legs are sore from oppressively long bus rides but I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh in my mind. First some background. My organization, TeachOverseas (ESI), has teachers in a few different regions around the world. My region is Central […]

I did it…I rode the bus…

January 17, 2010

This week my ESI teachers and I will reach the halfway point of our year here overseas. At times like these it is good to be a bit reflective on where we are and where we are going. Today I want to talk about adjusting to the culture here. I have learned a lot. I’ve […]

Retreating, ESI-Style

December 13, 2009

Note: Educational Services International is TeachOverseas international name. When I say ESI I mean TeachOverseas. Apologies for any confusion. This is a bit overdue, especially for me, but I wanted to tell you a bit about what I got to do two weeks ago. Being with an organization like ESI has many benefits, both tangible […]