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So about this teaching stuff…

February 8, 2011

Given the title of my blog I realize it might be a good idea to write a bit about my epic “Journey in Teaching” on occasion. So here’s a super exciting update. I started graduate school a few weeks ago. For teaching. This amount of information is evidently never enough for people so I’m forced to add, […]

In Spite of Everything…

November 22, 2010

I spent 2008 interning for a Christian ministry in South Africa. Going to Africa had been my dream my entire life. To finally get out there and live it and see it was incredible. My ministry, Thrive Africa, was young and small compared to most, but it was vibrant and strong in the vision and […]

Time to go…again.

June 29, 2010

I went on a walk tonight for the last time in Sokolov. I get on a plane tomorrow to go to South Africa, and in a few weeks, home. I’m filled with emotion and feelings and it’s just weird. When I left South Africa I was pretty happy. Not because I wanted to leave but […]

Impact South Africa

March 23, 2010

Many of you know that I spent almost all of 2008 in South Africa. During this time I was an intern for the ministry Thrive Africa. It was an incredible year. If you want to see what I did there and the impact it had on my life you can check out my blog from […]

I saw Fulham!…and London too…

January 2, 2010

So this is my last night in London and as I should be horribly tired and busy with travel and school until probably Wednesday I thought I should give a recap while it’s fresh in my mind. I ended my trip by going to my favorite English soccer team, Fulham Football Club (they play in […]

Retreating, ESI-Style

December 13, 2009

Note: Educational Services International is TeachOverseas international name. When I say ESI I mean TeachOverseas. Apologies for any confusion. This is a bit overdue, especially for me, but I wanted to tell you a bit about what I got to do two weeks ago. Being with an organization like ESI has many benefits, both tangible […]

A year of blogging…

December 1, 2009

It is weird to think about but a few days ago I reached the one year anniversary of starting my Czech Republic blog. My South Africa blog was written just over ten months as it spanned my time as an intern there. While eight of the past twelves months have been in the states, this […]

Having an Impact Elsewhere?

October 8, 2009

Hello my friends. Last friday the internet went out in our flat. It was expected but getting it back up has been, well, slow. Welcome to a land where you can’t speak the language. Anyway, it’s been a bit since I last blogged so I hope you enjoy. At the start of the year we […]

God “Nose” What’s Up.

September 26, 2009

First of all, sorry for the pun but isn’t it just fantastic? So by now, faithful blog reader, you likely are aware that I am out of the hospital and back home in my trusty flat in Sokolov. I could give you a lengthy moment-by-moment account of my time in the hospital but frankly that […]

“Go into all the World”

August 23, 2009

Written August 16th, 2009 Training ended this morning with a service. There was worship, a message, we took communion, got our TEFL certificates and had a time of commissioning prayer. And so here I sit and never has the great commission rung in my head so loudly and clearly, “Therefore go and make disciples of […]